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  Mission Statement  

Our mission at Berry Middle School is to teach students concepts, skills, and thinking processes to meet challenges of a changing society while fostering positive social and emotional growth.

  About The School  

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What does Berry believe about teaching middle school?

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Our mission at Berry Middle School is to teach students concepts, skills, and thinking processes to meet the challenges of a changing society while fostering positive social and emotional growth.  

Therefore, the vision of Berry Middle School is to be:

Caring and Supportive
Challenging and Engaging
Innovative and Relevant

 The following foundational belief statements, collectively adopted by Berry faculty and staff, best describe our school’s commitment to providing the best possible educational environment for all students:


  • The students, faculty, and parents share collaborative effort for the success of each student.
  • The learning process is strengthened when the faculty and students are organized into a variety of teams which provide comprehensive and dynamic instruction and foster social and emotional interaction.

  • Students benefit from transition programs throughout the middle school experience which focus on creating a successful change of schools, both from elementary to middle school and from middle school to high school.

  • Berry Middle School is committed to a safe and healthy environment which is achieved through extensive planning and implementing of sound health and security practices.

  • Berry Middle School is dedicated to keeping open lines of communication with parents, students, and other educational professionals.

  • Berry Middle School supports the foundational building blocks of the middle school philosophy and the unique developmental needs of middle grade students. 


  • Berry Middle School is committed to highest expectations for ourselves and our students.
  • Learning occurs when teachers employ varied instructional strategies for each unique learner and allow students to become actively engaged in the learning process.

  • Berry Middle School routinely utilizes standardized tests scores as a means of monitoring student progress as well as closing the achievement gap.

  • Student learning is maximized through enrichment and reinforcement for all students through the process of differentiation.  By applying this teaching methodology daily, Berry faculty members work toward closing the achievement gap and ensuring the success of all students.


  • Berry Middle School is a multi-cultural community that actively cultivates and strengthens community relationships through the acknowledgement and appreciation of student diversity
  • Excellent character and citizenship are both taught and modeled.  Students develop good physical surroundings of the school and community.

  • Incorporation of the most current technology into the classroom provides students with both research capabilities and real world skills.

  • Berry Middle School is committed to continued professional development in which faculty and staff are instructed in the most recent and effective educational trends and practices.

As described, Berry Middle School embodies middle school philosophy in every way: interdisciplinary teaming structure, master schedule, common teacher and team planning times, cross-curricular content unit teaching, adolescent-centered extracurriculars, teams, and clubs, and strong advisory programs.  Berry is a true “middle school” by every philosophical measure and belief, and is dedicated to the belief that the middle school concept is most appropriate developmental educational setting for adolescents. The curriculum and instruction offered to the students at Berry is characterized by child-centeredness and developmental needs-based scope and sequencing.  Pacing guides developed from state course of study documents by district level curricular teams dictate content, pace, and sequencing. Berry Middle School department facilitators (department heads) regularly meet with the principal, and discuss specific curricular issues relating to content, skills, and thinking processes. 

What is Berry PRIDE?

Go Berry Jaguars!
Go Berry Jaguars!

Berry “PRIDE” is a commonly heard word in the Berry language and vocabulary, as it has been for more than18 years. Consistent with our belief statements, Berry Middle School faculty and staff recently adopted a common set of expectations for all students, called “P.R.I.D.E.”.  Simply put, showing your "Berry PRIDE" means to give your very best.

Each letter in PRIDE represents an expectation for all students in all grades, as indicated below:

  • “Prepared for school”

  • “Respect for all”

  • “In the right place at the right time”

  • “Display school etiquette”

  • “Excellence”

Interdisciplinary teams and teachers routinely integrate these five expectations into their team meetings, parent letters, team reward systems, discipline plans, and classroom expectations.  Also, the school administrators and counselors regularly remind students of these expectations during school-wide announcements, assemblies, and meetings. Establishing a common set of school-wide expectations by faculty and staff for all students represents a common desire to see all students successful, and for the learning environment to be positive, nurturing, supportive, and consistent.

Throughout all classrooms and all teams at all grade levels, the common expectation for all students can be described as "P.R.I.D.E." - student are encouraged to show their PRIDE each and every day!

Academic Teams Create Smaller Learning Environments

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At Berry Middle School, students are placed on one of four interdisciplinary academic teams at each grade level. There are four teachers on each team, one for each content area: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Students rotate daily through Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Additionally, students participate in a content-area focused reading class within their academic team. As a result, all students receive daily instruction from all four interdisciplinary teachers, and the teachers get to know all of the students very well.

The four team teachers work very closely with instructional support teachers, grade level counselors, and grade level administrators to create a supportive and challenging learning environment for their students, as well as to help address concerns as they arise. Team teachers meet weekly with instructional support staff, administration, counselors, and the reading coach. All teachers work together to create a strong team-spirit and encourage all students to reach their best. Students also participate daily in physical education and an elective class of their choice, which may include band, choir, art, computer, family and consumer sciences, Spanish, and/or French. Elective offerings and length of courses vary depending on grade level. PE and Elective teachers also regularly connect with interdisciplinary team teachers in order to be a part of the teaming support and problem-solving process.

The Berry counseling program includes a counselor at each grade level.  Counselors are available to consult with teachers and parents in an effort to help students realize their full potential. Counselors move with a class throughout their middle school career.  This consistency provides for a deeper understanding of student challenges and dynamics involving school and family. This feature also allows the student and counselor to develop an on-going relationship, easing the anxieties of transition from year to year and allows counselors the maximum abillity to serve as advocates for students through the middle grades.  Large and small group career, academic, and social / emotional counseling components are included at each grade.  Each year students are surveyed to determine their possible interest in small groups such as dealing with divorce, anger, friendship, etc.  Individual counseling is also a major emphasis for Berry counselors. Counselors meet weekly with academic teams to identify students that may need support.  Also, counselors are often an initial point of contact for parents regarding student concerns.  Finally, students may access counselors individually as need.    

Click here to read more on academic teaming at Berry Middle School

School Hours

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The school hours are 8:15 to 3:15 (late bell rings at 8:15).  After 8:15, students must be signed in by a parent/guardian through the main office. 

Students may arrive on campus no earlier than 7:30, and must depart from campus by 3:45 (unless under the supervision of a Berry staff member).

What types of extracurricluar opportunites are offered to Berry students?

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Berry Middle School students have a wide variety of opportunities to become involved in the life of their school.  Berry students display excellence in the classroom, but also excel in extracurricluar clubs and sports

We are BERRY!