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Engineering Students are STEM Superheros!
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Saturday, September 30, 2017


When you need something custom built to solve a problem, who are you going to call? Berry's Engineering students, of course!  They have the STEM skills and the will to solve tough design and building problems. Two weeks ago, seventh grade Principal, Ms. Dana Ricks approached Ms. Mangina and her 2nd period Engineering class about the possibility of them getting a bargain purchased mini-fridge back to being fully useful for the 7th grade office. You see, it came without an inner horizontal shelf and no bar across the door to hold in beverages. Ms. Mangina's Engineering students enthusiastically accepted the task and successfully completed their retro fit by creating a Plexiglas shelf for the inside of a mini-fridge. In true Engineering methodology, students were given the task/problem, researched and discussed best ways to solve the problem, took accurate measurements, settled on a solution, and then, after taking all safety precautions, used the school band saw to cut a Plexiglas shelf to exact specifications, 16" X 6" and 3/8 of an inch thick.  The "fit" was perfect and now the office has a fully functional mini-fridge with custom built shelf and inner door storage solution. Berry's Engineering students are STEM Superheros for sure and are growing their skills to meet real world design challenges. So proud of these young people and their accomplishments!  

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